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Streamlined Strategies is a privately owned Virginia Corporation, formed in 2004 and now based in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was formed to address the growing need to Optimize and Streamline the process of doing business.

With advancing technology; speed and volume of ‘transactions’ has increased dramatically but, as humans, we can’t process information any faster than we did years ago. So the tools we use and the processes we run become the measure of our success, as much as the products or services we provide.

CEO: Peter Thompson

Peter is the founder and driving force behind Streamlined Strategies. He has a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering coupled with a strong influence on people and a great deal of hands on management. Peter realized early on that he had a passion for both technical and personnel, so through his career with Schlumberger he rose through Engineering, Manufacturing, Customer Support, New Product Introduction, attaining a unique tech/people skill set, not often found today.

Peter worked hard for his MBA at the Pepperdine Executive MBA program just after driving the Multilink startup in California. This spurred him to form Streamlined Strategies and share his skills across broader community.

Peter has a very active family with his wife and two kids aged 8 and 11. His wife is a retired marketing manager for a large pet products company so life is full of excitement and challenges. Peter’s origin is from England and Ireland where he taught himself electronics in the late 70’s, started the first Electronics Club in high school, graduated and went to University. Peter has been in the US for 15yrs, is now a US Citizen and has spent 8yrs in California.

Now settled in the vibrant Virginia Tech town of Blacksburg, being closer to family and living in the less populated and picturesque Virginia.


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