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Same old issues AND more of everything

Same old Issues

  • People and Teamwork - How to get diverse groups to work well together
  • Processes to deal with day-to-day, but allow flexibility
  • Tools to get the job done – both on the shop floor and the back office
  • Growth – how to manage with everything else at the same time
  • Advancing your knowledge base - advancing current employees, finding new qualified employees
  • Decline / Cost Reduction / Resizing / Regrouping / Reforming
  • Merger / Acquisition – bringing disparate groups together
  • Global Market and geological distances
  • Supplier Performance
  • Customer – Company – Supplier integration
  • How do I get from “Good” to “Great” and stay there?


More of Everything

  • Escalating communication tools (email), decreased ability to cope and respond
  • Technology evolving faster – strategy needed to keep up without driving the business crazy
  • Global competitors moving faster
  • Too much data – how to make sense of it and react correctly




Can the US bring jobs back from China?

Why Apple And GE Are Bringing Back Manufacturing

The most short-sighted business decision in history: out-sourcing Changes in relative economics are part of the reasons for the change. Oil prices are three times what they were in 2000. Natural gas in the US is a quarter of what it is in Asia. Chinese wages are five times what they were in 2000 and are expected to keep rising rapidly. And labor is a steadily decreasing percentage of the cost of manufacturing.

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