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Business Execution - From Strategy to Delivering Results

Implementing Real World Business Strategies providing rapid results to your Bottom Line, enabling your business to focus on what you best -your Core Business and generating new business opportunities.

Focusing on local established business and entrapreneurial business needing to add an operations group.

bullet Strategic Develoment: Accelerating the growth of your Business by helping you generating a clear pathway to success and devise ways to implement it.
bullet Problem Solving: Training and Coaching to enable your People, Processes and Technology to work together effectively. We walk new teams through the Problem Solving process where they learn how to effectively identify, evaluate solutions and implement successfully.
bullet World Class Operations: Taking products from Engineering to production, establishing reliable supply Chains, developing workable manufacturing strategies, qualification of suppliers and in-house assembly. Streamlining operations with Lean, Kaizen, effective data management and tracking.
bullet New Product Development: Driving to achieve faster time-to-market, higher initial quality, more focused Customer deliverables and an earlier Return on Investment.
bullet One-off Business Challenges: Managing or working with you to drive non-standard, needs without tying up Critical Talent. Common examples are: New Business process or Imposed Standards such as RoHS or ISO9000.
bullet Projects: Launching teams, training, facilitating and driving through to completion with energy, addictive teamwork and clear visibility.
Critical Talent

The key individuals who contribute significantly more to the organization than others. Often with specific knowledge, skills and experience gained over time that aqllow good decisions to be made more quickly.



Can the US bring jobs back from China?

Why Apple And GE Are Bringing Back Manufacturing

The most short-sighted business decision in history: out-sourcing Changes in relative economics are part of the reasons for the change. Oil prices are three times what they were in 2000. Natural gas in the US is a quarter of what it is in Asia. Chinese wages are five times what they were in 2000 and are expected to keep rising rapidly. And labor is a steadily decreasing percentage of the cost of manufacturing.

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Our Messy, Inefficient Economy

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