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Blacksburg Wind Power

Urban wind and solar generation

Blacksburg Rotary
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VA 24060

Zebra Technologies Corporation

Converted entire product portfolio to be compliant with European RoHS requirement. 13,500 parts and 340 electronic assemblies; modified 75% of Engineering Documentation, coordinated with 350 Suppliers and transitioned the entire supply chain of $230m/year.


Multilink Corporation

Increased revenue 1600% from $280K to $5M per month for Telecom's 12Gbps Board-Level in a three-month period. Achieved by using appropriate tools, building teamwork, and optimizing task efficiency.



Increased electron beam tester revenue 400% in nine months. Improving team motivation and communication and maximizing the supply chain resulted in continued production and completion of an improved design.


Can the US bring jobs back from China?

Why Apple And GE Are Bringing Back Manufacturing

The most short-sighted business decision in history: out-sourcing Changes in relative economics are part of the reasons for the change. Oil prices are three times what they were in 2000. Natural gas in the US is a quarter of what it is in Asia. Chinese wages are five times what they were in 2000 and are expected to keep rising rapidly. And labor is a steadily decreasing percentage of the cost of manufacturing.

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Our Messy, Inefficient Economy

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Cleanroom Construction