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Blacksburg Wind Power

Urban wind and solar generation

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We give you a fresh look, independent view and outside experience for challenges you face and provide an energetic coordinated drive through to a fully implemented solution.

More than "Advise and move on", we excel at driving the issue though to completion and provide you with permanent change.



To enable organizations to grow by improving efficiency and developing capability in their people to manage the business effectively. By streamlining processes, organizing tasks and promoting the tightest integration of people in the Process, you will reduce costs and eliminate waste. Streamlined Strategies can help you succeed:

  • Setting Achievable Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Effective Communication Strategies
  • Performing Value Stream Mapping
  • Introducing Automation & Streamlining
  • Developing, Installing and Testing Critical Business Measures
  • Devising effective Data Management
  • Leading Continuous Improvement
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing
  • Kaizen & 5S + 2
  • Learning to use Databases, Excel, Project Plans effectively


Create value by reducing and eliminating waste and streamlining your operations. Streamlined Strategies can help you implement the right tools at the right level for your business. Leverage your employees with well-designed processes, well-organized tasks and effective tools. Utilize information and metrics to systematically manage your business and continually improve its performance.

We work closely with your team to provide continuous hands-on direction, coaching, training and monitoring. Support continues throughout implementation until the goals and objectives are achieved.


Teamwork and Motivation

  • Strategic Development
  • Continuous Improvement - Teams, Process, Measures, Visibility
  • Customer and Supplier Relationship Management
  • Innovative Problem Solving
  • Multi location Team Building and Leadership
  • Cross-function Team Building & Motivation
  • Team and Project Leadership, Motivation and Steering

Streamlining and Optimization

  • Manufacturing and Service Process Automation & Streamlining
  • Process Value Stream Mapping & Optimization

People, Process and Technology

  • Engineering Change Control & Implementation
  • Internal Communication Strategies
  • Life Cycle Product Management - Implementation & Training

Core Abilities

  • Critical Business Measures - Identifying, Developing, Execution
  • Production Facility Construction/ Refitting
  • New Product Introduction
  • Business Training - e.g. MS Project, Office etc
  • Supplier Integration, Trouble-shooting and Relationship Building
  • Developing Dual Source Supplier Strategies
  • Hands-on Project Start-up
  • ISO9000
  • Manufacturing Engineering Process Development & training
  • Cleanroom Class 100 & 1000 design and build


  • Developing, Automating and Running Business Performance Metrics
  • Data Management, Manipulation and Results Filtering
  • Database Spec, Design and Implementation
  • MS Access, MS Project, Office, AutoCAD2007, Macromedia Studio Web Suite, Photoshop, FinalCut Pro movie editing, OrCAD, Adobe Premier, FileMaker Pro
  • Process Documentation: Development, Linking to standards, Doc Management
  • Test Program Specification and Development
  • Translating ideas into Practical, Sustainable Systems
  • Production Automation and Data Gathering

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