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You Need:

  • Growth exceeds your organization’s ability
  • Need a new Strategy
  • Launch a cross-functional Project
  • Routine killing Innovation
  • People Process and Technology are at odds with each other
  • Can’t Improve Profitability
  • Need to Ramp up Fast
  • Supplier or Quality Problems
  • Cost Reductions Stalled

Growth exceeds your organization’s ability

If your customers are demanding more; you’re hiring and buying more equipment, but confusion is escalating and you’re not getting a minute to think anymore – Time for some outside help to help you change gears, get staff motivated and aligned, reduce the workload, automate mundane tasks and increase your workforce’s leverage.

Need a new Strategy

Can’t decide which opportunity to take, too many conflicting views, teams not working - you’re successful but business decisions are not as straightforward as they once were. We can help you to quickly analyze your options and bring your team together again by developing a cohesive, focused strategy.

Launch a cross-functional Project

Do you need to launch a cross-functional project that will need different disciplines to work together that would not normally? Examples are to meet Comply with RoHS European Standard, Ensure Compliance, Make a significant Reliability Improvement, Solve Key Supplier Performance Problems, Develop and Launch a new Product in ½ normal time. We can design, setup and implement cross-functional teams that once through the critical phase will successfully complete under your management.

Routine killing Innovation

Are people getting bogged down in day-day tasks, so much so that there is no time for innovation of achieving surges in special activities? We can help you “processize” the routine, put in place simple tools and minimize the steps needed to do each one – streamline the operation and ensure every activity adds value to the final product or service.

People Process and Technology are at odds with each other

You have the right people, you've given them good tools and implemented some processes, but still the work is too slow or takes too long? Let us help you get these working together smoothly. Often being an outsider really helps – we can help everyone see the logic without any emotion, political or historical issues.

Can’t Improve Profitability

You have a good product, processes and people, but the profits are paper thin – let us offer an independent analysis of your situation and suggest measurable improvements.

Need to Ramp up Fast

You have a sudden need to ramp up output to meet the most demanding customer, but how? Can you push your team any harder? Let us help you optimize your process, get the right tools and develop the team motivation to achieve unimaginable results.

Supplier or Quality Problems

Got a poor performing Supplier who seems to suck up far too much valuable resources and yet the situation does not significantly improve? We can take some of the workload off you and independently drive Suppliers to perform to the level you require. Being independent offers significant leverage with Suppliers.

Cost Reductions Stalled

Do you need some new drive to reduce cost and improve profitability? – We can work with you, your suppliers and possible outsourcing to achieve the product or service cost you need.



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